Do you ever feel like you are in limbo? In the middle of 2 things....ending something and beginning something new? Transitional periods are so hard. I am in one of those right now. Looking towards something ahead but unable to fully act on it. I know this is the perfect opportunity to wait on the Lord. The only problem is, I am not that good at waiting. Waiting=Anxiety for me and that is not a good combination.

What comforts me is this...God is faithful, His timing is perfect and that He renews those who wait on Him.

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Jennie B said...

I know exactly how you're feeling. I'm moving in a month...albeit to my hometown, I'm still leaving one place and not sure yet where I'm moving to. Its like being on a trapeze - I've let go of one bar, but I haven't grabbed the other one yet. So I'm just flying in the air. And I hate that!