Adoption and Fundraising!

As many of you know Brad and I have been going through the adoption process. Well, we have finally completed our paper work and are now in what Brad has joked is the “gestation period.” For adoptions, that could be up to 18 months as we wait for the little one God is preparing for us.

In the meantime we are preparing our home and nursery and doing all the things anyone would do as they get ready for a new addition to the family. We have also been encouraged by our adoption agency to consider some fundraising during this time. Adoption costs can run extremely high. And although we had not considered any fundraising initially, the suggestion from our adoption agency as well as the encouragement from many friends has led us to pursue some fundraising options.

We have been humbled by the overwhelming support from everyone and wanted to share with you some of the ways we have chosen to raise extra adoption funds!

First is our Candles for a Cause Fundraiser - many of you know my company Celebrating HOME has a wonderful candle fundraiser. We have chosen to run with this product because we know it’s quality and feel it is a product that people can use in their homes or give as gifts for the upcoming holidays. There are 8 wonderful fragrances for the fall and the cost is $20 per candle or (2) for $35. We plan to run this fundraiser for the next several weeks. If you are interested in purchasing a candle all you have to do is email us at bandlb@comcast.net. I can email you a flyer with more details! Additionally if you would like to be a Fundraiser Flyer Hostess please let us know. We will send you a fundraiser flyer for you to take and share with your co-workers, family and friends.

We are also having an Adoption Fund Yard Sale - October 17th we will have a yard sale. There's no time like the present to clear out our home to make room for a new baby! If you have anything in your garage that you would like to get rid of and want to donate to our sale we would so appreciate it. Just give us a call at 770-427-2669 or email us at bandlb@comcast.net. We would be happy to come and pick up anything you have to donate! Of course if you live outside of Atlanta...we appreciate the support but you may want to consider the candle fundraiser:)!

Again we want you to know how humbled we are that you might consider joining us in this exciting journey. We appreciate anything you might be willing to do and look forward to keeping up to date with our progress.

Leigh Anne (and Brad)

P.S. As I was preparing this note last week, we received a call from an attorney with a potential adoption opportunity. It seems now our waiting period may be significantly shorter that we had originally planned for. We may actually have a baby before the holidays. We will keep you posted. Thanks again!


Jason and Amy said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! I am SO thrilled for yall. I am glad you are branching out and letting us be apart of your adoption process through raising funds for you. It makes me smile to think that I can be apart of God's plan in bringing a baby into your home!!!!! :)

Also, I know that you don't have anything set in stone yet. But I am TICKLED PINK that you may have a baby before the holidays. Can't wait to celebrate with you! I know God is working out all the details, one at a time.

SO excited for yall. Email me the flyer! I want to ask friends to buy some candles!

carolineb said...

I can sell the heck out of some candles. Email the flyer to cbed at bellsouth dot net and me and Katie B will hit up our workplaces. Woohoo! Baby before Christmas! Yes LORD! Can't wait to love your baby!

Kim said...

That's great news!

Leigh Anne Bedingfield said...

Thanks so much! We are excited and a little overwhelmed that it may be soon! I appreciate your desire to journey with us!

Lori Smith said...

Leigh Anne, I'm so happy for you and Brad! How exciting to give a home to a baby who needs one. What a lucky little baby. I'll be saying prayers that it all works out and get a healthy, beautiful baby soon!

carolineb said...

And let me know what you neeeed! We have so many friends who are done with their stuff!