What to write??

Blogging is hard for me. I think of so many things to write about during the week but don't have time to sit and put it into words and on my blog. Here are some things that ran through my head this week that may have been good blog postings...

Trusting God in the midst of circumstances out of your control!

Florida Football and why I think Urban Myer and Spikes got too much flak (is that a word?) for the whole eye poking thing. We all know that things happen under the pile in football.

How things are going with the adoption process and the hurdles facing us today.

Pet Peeves - why do lawn companies blow leaves into the road instead of raking them up? What are some of your pet peeves?

It's that time of the season when you shock yourself getting out of the car. And that that time of the year when you have to hold your nose going into Publix because of the stinky cinnamon broomsticks. Why do they carry those things??

The beauty of FALL and the leaves changing colors or the flood in Georiga and how we are now just drying out.

Why didn't I pay attention in English class and learn how to write well? What is a subject in school that you wish you would have paid more attention in?

Just so many things to write about. I guess I see this blog as a place to share my feelings about things. And sometimes...it's hard to put those feelings into words. But I am going to try. So if I get a thought or feeling at 1AM in the morning and think, "that would be a great blog", I am going to get up right then and write it. Stay tuned!

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carolineb said...

I hate it when people call little hamburgers 'sliders'. I wish I had paid more attention in history class. I love the way you always decorate your porch for the season.