"Save the Date"

I love the "new" wedding announcements called "save the date". What a creative way to get a note out to friends and family letting them know the date of your wedding so that they can go ahead and put it on their calendar. Formal invitations aren't supposed to go out until about 4-5 weeks before the wedding and with the busy schedules we have today...you need to know a little more in advance than that. Well Brad and I have 2 special weddings coming up this spring. And we received "save the date" cards and pictures. Both of these young ladies shown below were in our wedding 15 years ago. Can you believe that???? We have been married 15 years.
Anyway, the first picture below is my cousin Jennifer Frudaker with her fiance Cliff Myers. Cliff's parents are special to Brad and I as they supported us financially when we were on staff with Campus Outreach. The Myers are a wonderful Christian family and are getting a beautiful addition to their family with Jennifer. The next picture is our niece Katie Bedingfield with her fiance Brett. They are such a sweet couple...Brett is one lucky guy for sure! KatieB, as we call her, still seems like a little girl to me so I can't believe that she is about to tie the knot!

Here are a couple of pictures that I found from my wedding. Aren't the girls cute? Now both Jennifer and Katie get to experience that wonderful, expectant, BIG day for themselves. They get to be the princess - all dressed up, waiting for their prince. Wow, how that day comes and goes so quickly!

Pictured with above with Jennifer is my brother Charlie (now married and a daddy of twins) and Beverly, Jennifer's sister. Beverly was married last year to Jordan Myers (Cliff's cousin - keeping it all in the family:)). See picture below. Well, I have the dates marked on my calendar. I've "saved the date(s)". Don't you just love weddings? I DO. It's a day full of promises and hope. The love is pure, simple and ready to stand the test of time!


carolineb said...

I forgot she had a cast in your wedding. So fun to look back, good post!

Jennie B said...

Great pics! Seems like a lifetime ago!