Bunco. Have you played it? Well I hadn't either until I moved to Atlanta and I kept hearing about bunco. I didn't even know what in the world it was but I wanted to do it. So, being true to myself...if I want to learn something or participate in something I start it myself. So I started a bunco group and invited neighborhood girls to join. Needing to grow to 12 ladies we reached beyond our neighborhood and invited friends, co-workers, family. And 3 years later we are still playing.

The reason for this post is that last week at bunco I realized how much women just love together (of course a little healthy competition doesn't hurt) and socialize. After our game was done we gathere on my screened porch - drank wine and laughed so hard & loud that I am sure we kept up the neighbors.

I have to say that even though we have been playing for together for several years, this evening was special. With the holidays approaching we felt the need to just chill out, unwind and enjoy the company of friends. We learned a lot that night... first off Claudia has a big crush on Kenny Chesney, Patrice loves Sean Connery, Cheryl has a "friend" in Savannah that we can visit on our girls trip in January, Paula does a great impersonation of the "Nash Trash" ladies in Nashville TN, and I can't count worth a flip. However, I don't think it was the wine...I really believe I would hold up 6 fingers and say the number 4 on any given day of the week!

All in all I am so glad that I started bunco some years ago. Whether it is to win money, reduce stress, have a girls night out or just have an opportunity to try out that new recipe it is worth the committment.

I want to thank all my bunco girls for your laughter, commitment, friendship and so much more. Patrice, Claudia, Paula, Shelli, Cheryl, Beverly, MaryAnn, Shirley, Andrea, Donna, and our few subs...Have a Merry Christmas! See you in the new year...and I will be the last holding the dice!

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