Cold Weather and Oysters!

I don't know about you but where I come from we start craving oysters this time of year. Right when the weather starts getting cool and crisp comes a strong urge to eat some good old Apalachicola Bay oysters. The problem is...I now live in Atlanta and it is not easy to get fresh seafood much less good oysters.

So I am starting to take names of friends in the panhandle that have trucks and come north once in a while to see if they can bring me a bag of oysters. In return I will offer them a warm place to stay as they are passing through or you can even stay awhile, spend a weekend in Atlanta.

Thankfully we are heading to home for Christmas where there will be a bag waiting for us as we pull in the driveway. We'll shuck them right on the back porch, make us some yummy homeade cocktail sauce and eat until our hearts content. I cannot wait - my mouth is watering as I write.

One of my fondest memories growing up was all bundling up and riding out to Gene's Oyster Bar in Millville FL. We would sit there and drink cold coke and have the oysters shucked right there for us at the bar. We left stuffed but always wanting more...so we would take a bag home with us!

You know...maybe that is what Atlanta (Marietta area) could use - a good old fashioned oyster bar. I am pretty sure there are a few people up this way with a palate for salty cold oysters. It would sure make me happy! I could be eating them tonight instead of writing about them. Guess I'll just have to wait 10 more days!

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