where have all the good men gone?

"Brave men have fought and died building the proud tradition and fear of reputation that I am bound to uphold. In the worst of conditions the legacy of my Teammates steadies my resolve and silently guides my every deed.I will NOT fail!"

I was moved hearing these words and listening to the tribute of a fallen soldier named Michael Monsoor tonight during the Republican Convention. To hear of men that sacrifice their lives to save their fellow soldiers is sobering. Also, knowing that they are doing that for our freedom is humbling. The above quote is from the Navy Seal Creed. I would recommend reading it. The conviction and loyalty of these men and those before them are to be applauded. I also wish that more Americans felt this kind of commitment to their country and fellow Americans.

Instead we are polarized. Many people in our country are focussed on SELF and not others. They act like their opposition to the war is a commitment to our soldiers...they are liars. They want women to have a choice and not believe that there is another life to consider...they are blind and ignorant. They think they are pulling people together for "change" in a historic way...they use people for their own personal gain.

Well tonight I heard again of a man who endured 5 years of torture. Who put others first and valued life, who was loyal to his country in the face of death, who had faith in something bigger than himself. I was brought to tears thinking of what he must have endured and that he did not break. You know I am just really getting to know this man John McCain and what I continue to learn causes me to believe he will make a great President. Here is someone who knows how to bear up against difficulty and stay true to your principles. He is a man of character, he has determination, he has resolve, he stands up for what he believes. I hate to be negative...but if Obama cannot stand up to his own pastor regarding his dislike of Ameica and his racisim then how will this man stand up to foreign leaders?

Fred Thompson likened McCain to the warriors and heros of the past that helped us become The United States of America. And to the men throughout history who stood up for people and their country (and their women!). The kind of men you read about or hear about and think wow...now that is a man. Guys know them...William Wallace, Maximus Meridius (gladiator), Hector, King Leonidas, Patriots in the Revolutionary War. OK so I watch too many movies with my husband. But I think we can agree...these were men! John McCain may not look like Gerard Butler or Eric Bana or Russell Crowe but I think he has some of the same stuff as the real characters in history. And I think we need a little more of that in our society today.


carolineb said...

I love Leonidas! And John McCain. And you.

Unknown said...

I especially enjoyed reading this one. We think alike.