Fourth Fun

This is one of my favorite pictures. We were in Panama City for the 4th of July this summer visiting mom and dad. We all spent the day out on my uncles boat...road down to Crooked Island and back. Then we anchored up near the Panama City Marina to watch the fireworks. There were these 2 shrimp boats tied up together having a big party. Everyone was swinging on the ropes into the bay and it just looked like so much fun!
When it got a little darker you could see hundreds of boat lights dancing on the waves, it was really beautiful. About the time the fireworks were to begin everyone on their boats began honking their horns. We just sat back and laughed at all the different sounds of horns (I didn't realize there were so many) and BOOM the fireworks began.
You know there is nothing like watching the fireworks from the bay. A different experience all together. For one you don't have a big crowd of people right on top of you or all the noise and bright lights from the street and parking lots. Secondly, it's not as hot when you are out on the water - the weather was awesome! There was a bit of a chill in the air with the breeze coming off the gulf. Sure beats sweating in some chair on a street corner. Overall a great Independence Day for the Frudaker family (which also consists of the Powells, Justices and Bedingfields).

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