Heavy Heart

Yesterday a childhood friend of mine laid to rest her 10 month old daughter. I cannot believe that pain she must be going through. Her daughter, Lydia, had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). This type of leukemia is most common in children yet Lydia was in a high-risk category because of her age. I was able to keep up with Lydia through CaringBridge and was amazed at this little girls courage and fight. I was also inspired at the strength and love of her parents. I know that their faith was what kept them going as they put their little girl in the Father's Hands! God isn't absent during our times of crisis and I believe holds us in our times of need. My prayer is that He holds onto my friend right now and gives her peace and comfort!

I did want to share the website that they had posted for donations in lieu of flowers. I would love for you to visit it. Donate if you wish but familiarize yourself with this disease and learn how you may be apart of helping familes and children with Cancer. Children shouldn't have to deal with this nasty disease. The treatment seems so cruel for adults much less little babies. A cure would be amazing. The site is http://www.friendsofkids.com/. I love their mission statement; Helping Kids with Cancer...Be Kids!

You know for the past year Brad and I have been going through the adoption process. It has been hard at times and frustrating too but the result was pure joy. And today as look down at little Cooper with his toothless grin I am reminded that life is short. We must make the most of every minute and take time to let those who are close to us know we love them! So since today is my birthday...my birthday wish is that you take time to hug your children, your husband, your mom and dad and siblings today! Life is short!

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Rhonda said...

Love the post Leigh Anne-so sorry to hear about Lydia. I will keep her family in my prayers.