Gators and the BIG game!

As you read in the "about me" section I am a HUGE Gator fan. Well we made it to the SEC championship game and I am so excited. I also have butterflies floating around in my stomach because I am a bit nervous. There are too many people believing that the Gators are going to win BIG tomorrow. Oh yeah...forgot to mention that the game is tomorrow - that is Saturday, Dec. 6th at 4 PM - just in case you want to watch. Ha.

You see, I don't necessarily like it when the masses pick your team to win. Does it make the team over confident? Do they not bring their "A" game because they think they will blow by their competition? Should I be the coach? I think I could teach them a thing or two. I can hear my husband laughing now with that comment.

Well tomorrow is the BIG day. I hope we win. If we do, we may very well go to the National Championship game and that would be great. Alabama is a good team but I (like so many others) believe we can beat them. But I think it is going to be a close game. We just need to show up and play hard! There is a lot on the line for both teams.

And to all you SEC east fans out there. Root for your region to win. Come on dawg fans and Tennesse fans, South Carolina, Kentucky, Vandie...you must want the SEC EAST to win! I hope to hear you all cheering us on!!!!

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carolineb said...

Wake me when it's over.